Striped Spectacle – 5-Pack Men’s Striped Crew Socks

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Stride in stripes with our “Striped Spectacle” pack!
These 5 pairs of crew socks are a parade on your feet, flaunting a festival of lines in every shade imaginable.
Gray mornings? Slip into the sunrise orange stripes. Feeling bold? There’s a streak of neon for that. From monochrome classics to unexpected color pops, each pair is a journey through the stripes spectrum.

They’re a ticket to instantly upgrading your sock appeal, perfect for the man whose style speaks volumes.
Why fit in when your socks can make you stand out? Whether peeking from beneath your trousers or front and center with shorts, these stripes are your style signature.
Let the lines lead the way to fun-filled days!

Size: US 7-12

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