Charming ‘Stache – 5-Pack Mustache Crew Socks


Twirl your style with our “Charming ‘Stache” socks!
This 5-pack is a tribute to the dapper and the whimsical with mustache motifs whiskered across each pair.
Whether you’re a gentleman in the making or a rogue with a heart of gold, these socks add a pinch of panache to your step.

Glide through your day with the quiet confidence of a classic black or the playful wink of a pastel blue.
Each mustache curve is a nod to timeless elegance with a twist of modern mischief. Suited for the boardroom, the ballroom, or the living room dance-off, these socks are the secret handshake of the well-heeled and the fun-loving.
Pull on a pair and let your feet do the fancy talking!

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